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After the PhD

The main career opportunity after the PhD in Mathematics is academic research, carried out at universities or scientific institutes, both in Italy and abroad. Usually the career begins with temporary post-doctoral positions to arrive, in variable times, at permanent positions at Italian or foreign universities or research institutions.

However, the academic career is not the only job opportunity for PhDs in Mathematics. In fact, the great flexibility that comes from a very high-level training in mathematics allows for considerable adaptation also to research environments in the industrial, economic, financial and insurance fields, in the sector of analysis and the use of big data, in IT and software development, statistical consultancy institutes, etc.

A further possible employment is teaching in schools. Those intending to devote themselves to primary and/or secondary education benefit from the experience acquired with the doctorate, thanks to a greater awareness of the most current developments in mathematics.

Last update: 17/04/2023 08:40
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